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    looking for a builder in Mahasarakham (Isaan)

    Hi everybody. Yep, another falang with a Thai wife.

    Short version of the post - her house has rising damp below (slab / block walls) and termites in the timber second level so the plan is to knock it over and rebuild on a sand pad raised a metre.
    So I'm hoping that someone may be able to suggest or recommend a builder in Mahasarakham which is a small city ESE of Khon Kaen in Isaan.

    I'm a sparky who's owner-built in Australia before so I know a thing or two about what's required.

    Long version - went to Phuket last July and really liked the people. Didn't do tourist stuff but wandered around the other areas.
    Decided to go back in January and thought I'd do the creepy guy thing and organise a holiday girlfriend before I arrived, so I joined a Thai dating site in November and was completely upfront about not being interested in marriage (had a couiple of goes at that).
    Got deluged by responses. Some scammers of course but the rest were decent women looking for a decent man to marry.

    Whilst surfing around a profile caught my eye repeatedly so I contacted her despite her saying she wanted a husband.
    Talked by LINE and it was great. I thought I'd slip over to Isaan from Phuket in January and meet her. I was going to Europe in December but got really keen and went to Isaan to meet her before that trip. We had a great time and I was very impressed. Went to Europe, thought 'what am I doing here ?" and left early and returned to Isaan in January. Never made it back to Phuket.

    At the end of that visit I thought there was no way I'm not marrying this one so she came to my home in April for a look around and we married then. We've been back and forth to Thailand and Australia while waiting for a partner visa (and every time she applies for a visitor visa she has to travel to Bangkok to be photographed and fingerprinted again and they don't seem to isssue multiple-entry visas ...).

    I want her to have a house in Thailand (hers was her parents') and since it needs replacing that's what's going to happen.
    My role is to earn the money and she's been looking for a builder, but building is the same everywhere and and it's important to get the right team on the job.

    So if anyone can help I'd be most appreciative.

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    I can't help with your builder but I'd just like to say what a nice story yours is. I hope it's still all going well.

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    I know a few good builders in Roiet province. Not far from Sarakham. Will talk to them to see if interested. General idea of what you have in mind would help.

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