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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteLotusLane
    And the foundation at the back looks solid.
    Quote Originally Posted by runker
    How do you keep this foundation from sinking? I've heard of raft foundations before ...
    Same thing I was wondering. Looks very far from solid in a literal sense...

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    Sorry for dropping out.. Ran into some neighbor trouble for a while but that was resolved.

    As for sinking.. who knows; big holes were dug with rebar and concrete into soil that's been there since ancient times, so I'm hoping it'll be okay. If not then it's not like anything else about this house is straight.

    Anyway, poles for the extension at the back going up.

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    WhiteLotusLane, best of luck with that, no reason why it shouldn't look like a picture palace when finished. Compact & bijou, why not.

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    Nice buy! Very promising. Would be keen to see how you make it even more stylish and how you can maximise the space. Best of luck!

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