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    Where to buy rebar near central BKK?

    Should be relatively simple but rebar is not exactly a retail item and all the small construction type suppliers are being swallowed up by condo development.

    Thai Watsadu?

    What length does rebar come in? 6m?

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    Around my area, Nongbon, there are plenty of shop front steel merchants. Drive, better still be driven, along and look for a shop front with steel sections facing the street. Most of these places stock rebar but no one calls it that. Best google it and show em a picture.

    Thai Watsadu sell it, head for the rear of the store, and HomeMart are another option.

    10 meters, bent in half, is a common length.
    10, 12, 16 and 20mm (or thereabouts) are common sizes.

    If you want a small amount the shop front will probably cut it for you.

    FYI, most "retail" steel sales in Thailand are by weight, per kilogram.
    Have fun.

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