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    So there I was a'diggin this 'ole.

    Under instructions from "she who must be obeyed" was diggin a hole to transplant some obscurely named flowering shrub.
    A foot or so down came across a partial Q-block ...solid..needed a sledge hammer and chisel thing to break up..been there for 7+ years.

    Posted only because on another thread someone mentioned that Q-blocks will disintegrate with damp..myth explode methinks

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    There's a facility in the Bangkok area that was slowly sinking into the muck. They went in and laid down a large amount of Q-Con blocks to help support/stabilize the place. If I had known about Q-Con then, I could have scored a good amount of left over blocks.

    They are easy to shape by hand when dry. I don't know what happens when they go into the ground.


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