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    Help with book on living/building in tropical heat

    Hi this is Jack Swelters, I have posted on this site in re traditional home construction, air conditioning and thermal comfort issues. I am just now finishing a book on thermal comfort for the Bangkok city dweller, existing or prospective, who may be concerned about life in "the world's most uncomfortable city", the cost of aircon, and related problems. I have found Teakdoor very helpful in sorting out various ideas on the topic.

    I would like to recruit several people who share an interest in this topic to help with either pre-publishing or technical review or editing of the ms, and will will provide a copy of the current draft to you if you are interested. If you would enjoy an effort to help I will supplement my offering with beers or a contribution to your electric bill as we might agree.

    If this interests you, please PM me.

    Thanks much,

    Jack Swelters

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    not a bad pen name, perfect for the last month.

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    Not for me, but all best.

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    Just deal with it [the heat].....or don't live within a torrid zone.

    After a time, one doesn't have to be to conscious about it.
    Acclimation comes to most in time.

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