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    Single Phase or 3 Phase

    Went to the PEA today to apply for electricity. The wife went in alone to submit documents. Came back out to the car to ask how many amps we wanted. I told her 15/45 single phase. The official helping her said he thought we should have 3 phase. Wife called contractor and he said 3 phase also. Official said total to bring 3 phase (assuming 45/100) to the land plot (about 180 meters) would be 100,000 baht each for the 3 one rai plots. Wife owns 1 rai, friends own the other two. We were told that if all 3 applications were submitted at the same time it would be cheaper.

    Now the house is going to be nothing special.
    4 bedrooms ( 3 aircons)
    6 bathrooms (only 3 with instant heat)
    3 - 4 TVs
    Internet / Desktop computer
    Main fridge and 2 small style reefers
    CFL and LED lighting
    Drink cooler
    Various kitchen items: Toaster, Microwave, Blender
    Water pump
    NO workshop running saws, grinders, lathes or milling machines.
    NO Pool
    Small fish pond with submersible pump

    I know I should really calculate and add it all up while everything is on, but that is a little impractical as the configuration does not exist yet.

    Everything I have read on this forum and others says single phase is fine for a "normal" house and I understand that if I need to upgrade in the future I could change to a 45/100 meter.
    What am I missing? Do you agree that single phase 15/45 is fine?

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    I think 3 phase works better with the national grid and gives you cheaper bills. I think EGAT are pushing everybody to use the same system but power-wise with your needs you certainly don't NEED it.

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    ye 3 phase is usually used for industrial tools, compressors etc.

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    Get the cheap one, TiT - everything will be ok...

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    Quote Originally Posted by scudman
    Went to the PEA today to apply for electricity.
    Where I live in Isaan the method of obtaining a electric meter is to apply at the electricity board who will send a man out to do an inspection. Upon his inspection he will tell you on the size of meter you need. You then pay a deposit for the meter that you've been told to have. The board then come fit the meter. Job done.

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    If you have a swimming pool I would suggest three phase. But if you have no intentions 3 phase seems overkill.

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    3 phase???

    Maybe,for a change in Thailand,they are planning ahead. You will have single phase,and the other two plots will also have single phase. Each one of the three houses will get a different phase,making it cheaper in the long run. This is how it is done elsewhere.

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