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    Phuket Chalong abandoned development

    Was in a little resort near Wat Chalong a month or so ago..
    Looked out the back window and there was about 20 or so very substantial nice looking two storey houses all finished as far as concrete work it appeared,tarmac road etc...completely abandoned overgrown with grass etc..bit of a shame.
    Apart from the possibility of running out of cash etc was wondering what the story was..
    ....bit like all those semi finished houses in the golf resort on the airport hwy about ten years ago...think they are finished now so they say ..think that was some legal haggling?

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    yep.... usually goes like this....

    "Nice houses you building there mate"


    "But this is my land"

    "Is it?"

    "Yep, here's the papers"

    "I didn't think anyone owned it, oh well, I'm a phuu yai, it's mine now"

    Now at this point the owner will skulk off, or in the case of these developements....

    "But I'm a Phuu Yai too"

    "See you in court"

    Long gap......................

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