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    building Ko Phangan?

    Hello all,

    Im a newbie so forgive any stupid questions, I will try and keep them to a minimum!

    Im considering building on Ko Phangan, I know the island and the area well as I lived on Ko Tao for 3 yrs and Phangan for 1.5. I have the chance to purchase 1 or 2 Rai and would look to build small single storey fairly simple but reasonable standard residential dwellings.

    My background is I am a partly qualified Architect from the Uk with good experience in uk construction and Thai life and people.

    Just wondering if anybody on this forum has any specific advice for the area or has done anything similar on Phangan. I have read the forum extensively and will ask more specific questions as they crop up. Any general advice at this stage would be great!

    Thanks in advance,


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    My advice would be to "look around" at what everyone else is doing/building, and the mistakes they made as well as the things they got right. Then don't try to do the impossible (i.e. completely build by home standards, which will get VERY expensive) but come up with a reasonable compromise using local materials & building styles as much as possible.

    Deciding where to build (keeping in mind that someone can decide to build a big apartment block right up to the edge of your land) and to prepare the land to guard against flooding.

    Then it's just a matter of finding the right people to do the actual construction...

    Needless to say in a relatively lawless place like Ko Pha Ngan / Samui you want to do evertything EXCEPTIONALLY by the book to cover your behind as much as possible.

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    Make triple sure everything with the deal is legit and that you will not be royally screwed.

    And then wot 'e above 'ere said concerning the use of local materials and techniques as far as possible.

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