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    Quote Originally Posted by Norton View Post
    Trees and shubs work well for me.
    And the wonderful advantage of a huge variety to select from....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wasp View Post
    My logic says to me that surely any heat on the roof is going to rise up , up and away ?
    Inside the room there is a rather nice false ceiling of plasterboard with spotlights so there is a gap between that and the roof .
    The roof is not metal .... so all in all I'm not thinking to do anything there .
    Do something about the wall and window and then see how things are , I think .
    Wasp, you are quite right about the heat of the roof, but not entirely: Once the roof is of a ceramics material (waves or the earthen tiles) it absorb the heat from sunshine radiation (even if cloudy) and forward it kindly downwards as a infra-red heating (unlike the metal sheets that reflect the radiation away).

    I was once surprised when climbing under the roof early morning and the heavy tiles were already very warm, heating up also the steel construction, cannot touch. Of this could be made use by installing water pipes leading to bathroom and kitchen closely to the roofing, thus getting the water warmed up under its way.

    So, the heat radiation from the roof contributes to the heat in the room since the plaster ceiling does not insulate much. And once there is not much air exchange under the roof, the heat is locked up there quite long till late evening.

    A simple remedy (I did also): get old cartons from the waste collecting shops (or directly from the shops 7/11) and install the cardboards easily under the roof tiles, using bamboo sticks inserted under the roof steel construction. Or something better such as polysterene foam. This helps a lot, the difference can be felt on own body when standing there under the insulation and under no insulation.

    Then, an additional improvement: old newspapers (once read already - does it still exist in the family - or only Internet?) can be spread up freely onto the ceiling - not just one sheet, once folded package they are very good insulator. Then it is advisable, not to smoke there nervously when escaping from the wife and hiding there...

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    I remember reading in other threads how people installed extractor fans to that space . Didn't remember why they did it . Now I understand .

    In standard Thai fashion I'll be very surprised if they left any access to the ceiling space .
    I'll be there next week so I'll have a look and if it's possible to get it up there I think I'll buy some insulation with a reflective side and put it up there . Presumably reflecting upward ? Must feel the ceiling at the height of the day too and see if its hot ..... and must see if there is any air exit vent .
    Or snake entry . I know there's a big fat gecko thing up around there who appears in the evening . You speak to him and he says something that sounds like 'Fuck Off' . Not a very civil gecko that one.

    I don't really want to go back . I convince myself that I don't really like Thailand then when I go I usually have a better load of fun there than here .
    I've had air tickets and simply not gone - twice . But I'll go . If there is enough work to do I'm OK.

    Thanks Klondyke .


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