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Thread: Leaky roof apex

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    Leaky roof apex

    Hi there, my rented property has developed a leak from the apex of the roof. The apex tiles have been replaced once before and secured using cement. The roof structure is timber so i guess there must be a little bit of movement causing the cement to crack. Can anyone recommended a good rubber roof liner/felt that could be laid underneath the tiles as a back up. I can only find roof liner to reduce heat so far. I was considering using rubber pond liner.

    any suggestions

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    Hi T, a few photo's would be an excellent place to start at.
    Save us all going around in circles with our suggestions.
    Best of luck mate

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    Most DIY shops sell rubber/bitumen tape in widths up to about 30cm which you can lay along the roof apex before installing the apex roof tiles. (That tape should have been used in the first place, since apex's are prone to leaks).


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