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    Land filling the polite way

    Trucks carrying soil and dirt can cause a mess on the public roads in the village, i know it is customary to pay some 'development' fees to the tesaban to clear the mess, what was your experience? how did you handle the environmental mini disaster your trucks caused?

    i would love to hear your stories

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    as a contractor,..........I watered the roads down before (keep dust down) and after work each evening. Depending on the day/weather, we would also water the haul road/s during the day (keeping the dust down).

    avoid sweeping it unless the road surface is wet.

    edit: one more thing,....put some responsibility on the trucker. Make sure the gates on the back of the trucks close tight (so no dirt will fall from the bed of the truck). If they don't,.... get rid of that particular truck/s,,...or trucking company if they cannot get it straight.

    Make sure when the trucks leave the loading site,.they are not carrying any loose material and when they leave the dump site they are clean.

    problem solved
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    Up in Udon they tend to just leave lots of slippery mud all over the roads in the villages, and make a half-arsed attempt to clean it up nearer town. Neither works if you're on a bike.

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    I've never heard of it, nobody pays the orbortor in our village and the streets nowadays are really a mess (especially when it rains).

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    I'm so far back in the Ban Nook that these gravel roads are lucky to get graded once every 5 years if we're lucky.

    Rice harvesting machines deposit huge chunks of Naa Mud all over with no effort to clean them up. You just have to drive around them or thru them and deal with it.

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