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    Changing old tile roof in Bangkok

    I have a 2 story 3 bedroom house in Bangkok Rama 2 area. I want to add on on another room upstairs and extend our closet upstairs this will mean I will have to put on a new roof that I want to over hang the walls... the current roof is like inset into the perimeter of the walls.... I don't like it as it leaks when it rains hard.

    1. Anyone recommend a construction company that will take on a project like this? (hard to find someone that you can trust... many want to cut corners to save cost)

    2. Has anyone done a copper roof or stainless steel? Is there a company here in Bkk that can do this?

    3. Is there a company that does central cooling instead of cooling room by room?

    any information would be grateful!

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    Good luck !

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    sounds fun, don't forget to let us know what happens (with pics)

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    Copper wil cost and imagine if overlooked be stolen,depends Wat Tyler you use.
    Sadly my man is 1000km from you.

    Do remember the added weight on the load bearing walls,and your liability if any if stuff lands on Hi-Sos car below.Not a difficult job for a competent builder and I'm sure someone in Bangers will have some ideas,this is not a job to cut corners on.Obviously need to plan for dry season.Good luck

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    Regarding #2, I can imagine copper roofing is quite expensive? Very very beautiful material though.

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