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Thread: Home Foundation

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    Home Foundation

    What is the best type of foundation for Thailand.
    My observation of local builds and on TD, says the norm is footings with concrete floor beams set on top to be the more common.
    In Australia most homes are of the full concrete slab design, I think refered to as floating slab.
    Are pilons needed for all construction types.
    What is the better way in Thailand and why.
    The build is in Nahkon Sawon.

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    Depends on the house, and the density of the land.
    You've just filled your land right?
    Piles would be fine, they will just have to dig down through the fill.
    Diggers are cheap...

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    This same question was asked in a thread a few weeks ago.

    I all depends on the soil, piles are always fine but the problem is you don't know how long the piles will have to be because there are very few companies in Thailand who can assess the soil for you (cone test is what you need).

    Without this so called cone test, you will never know what to do. Let nobody tell you otherwise.

    So you've got 2 choices (I would choose no. 1):
    1: go find yourself a company to test the soil
    2: trust Thai' experience and go without piles (so use footers 50cm below the surface).

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    Only MY opinion:

    If engineering science was perfect there would never be any bridges or buildings falling down,vehicle recalls etc.?

    I am a a proponent of suck it and see in most things.....think a lot of our paranoia about building in Thailand stems from lots of engineering head shaking expertise.

    Don't know, could be wrong,. How many houses have had major problems through poor foundations. The only ones I have heard about are the work of so called professional builders/and developers ( some subdivision in BKK is sinking I read?)

    Methinks that digging well or septic tank hole will tell what the substrate is and then make a reasonable guesstimate as to the best approach? Take a look at surrounding buildings, talk to builders or owners etc. Methinks is better than throwing money at consultants and engineering companies who have absolutely no accountability if they happen to be wrong.
    Okay we have one of our 2x2m footings that was a meter down till yours truly decides to have a backhoe dig out under our pole house to create more living space. We have a crack that goes and comes in that corner high up one lightweight brick wall. Dry weather it is there, wet it disappears......
    Think whatever one does there is a chance of something untoward, but I think that our house will still be here when I am long dust.....
    Good concrete mix and plenty of re-bar....?.

    No frickin help whatsoever eh OP????

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