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    Ghosts in Thai houses III: Buffalo Condo decor

    This is the third in a series about ghosts in Thai wooden houses.

    My wife is a reverse snob. She is the proud owner of seven water buffalo and looks down on people who live on the seventeenth floor of condos with white walls and drive cars with tinted windows. So what happened when I suggested we migrate my beautiful, modern, white-walled condo for the hot season? You can see in this short video clip:

    Down on the Bangkok Farm II - YouTube

    So what about the ghosts who might be annoyed when the wood is taken from an old house and moved to a condo? (The ghosts would be those of the old owners of the house from which the wood was taken).

    There is some chance that they would find the condo and lurk around this wood. One would become aware of this when they perhaps appeared in a dream or made some unexplained noise in the night. Or one might return to the condo and find something misplaced.

    This could call for some serious action. Some would say the wood should be removed and donated to a temple. Or monks could be brought in to ceremoniously neutralize the ghost.

    So if you are really attracted to this style of "buffalo decor" you beter check with your lady first, she might not go for it.

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    Great vid mate, your family and your self can live next door to me anytime.

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    Great Video, and a really good laugh!!..for a dull cold day....Thanks.... Another Happy re-educated man! I think my wife must be your wife's long lost little sister.........I can see it all happening to me when we buy a condo by the beach to escape April in Isaan!

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