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Thread: Nice Thai House

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    Nice Thai House

    Driving around Phetchaburi at the moment while we are out of the Bkk heatwave. On the back-roads there is a surprising profusion of old Ayhuttaya style houses. We drove past this new one and had to stop for a look. The owner was quite happy to let us look around and take proud for sure. With some cause. In front of the house is his business, a ramshackle one pump gas stop and motocy tire fixer.. I'm guessing some of Grandpas rice land had been sold to fund this beauty. But it's good to see the style being continued. Many would have stuck up a greco-thai-italianate monstrosity.

    No teak, Redwood and other woods used.
    He managed the build and said at the end his labor was baht 250k and materials baht 5 million.


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    16-08-2019 @ 01:48 PM
    Absolutely beautiful...If I owned that house I would be 'shitting it' at the thoughts of termites.

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    This is what I want my house to look like, guess I will have to save some more money lol.

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    Beautiful indeed. I would be proud to live there myself!

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