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Monday 26th March 2007
Wind Power Scheme on Larn Island almost completed.
Khun Sitipap, Deputy Chairman of Pattaya City Council chaired this Monday morning meeting at Pattaya City Hall to discuss the construction of wind turbines on Larn Island which will eventually become the major source of power for the Island. A contract was initially signed on 28th August 2006 between Pattaya City Hall and the Ragamangala Universit of Technology Thanyaburi, who have researched the ideal locations for the turbines and have begun to install the turbines. Khun Sitipap called this meeting to discuss the progress of the scheme. 50% of the turbines are in place and a total of 45 turbines will be installed. The installation began on 10th February and is expected to be completed next month. Each turbine can generate 5kw of power and the University hopes to modify the poles in the future to 50kw.