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    Cleaning windows after construction?

    The house is pretty much done, except for a couple of doors that have carvings on them and I'll do them myself. The painter that I used did a good job on the outside of the house (the inside I won't comment on except to say I don't think that he ever owned sander), except tht he didn't use any dropcloths. I've spent 2 weeks getting the paint and stain off of the tile floors with laquer thinner (I've given up on the cement walkways). He cleaned the door hinges and door knobs, after several times asking him to do it. To clean the windows, he used some solvent that left a film in the middle and a thicker film on the edges of the windows. I have a lot of windows and usually use painter razor blades to clean windows in the U.S. but haven't seen them at HomePro or several paint stores. I will be going back to the U.S. in September and will bring the razor blades back with me (in check in luggage) but what do most Thais use to clean paint and stain off of windows?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dean
    but what do most Thais use to clean paint and stain off of windows?
    Nothing, they're just not bothered with attention to detail, if they were, the paint and stain would never have gotten onto the glass in the first place.

    Those Stanley blades with the notches in the top edge are the best things to use, especially if you can find a plastic holder for them to make a scraper like tool.

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