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Thread: What a mess!!!

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    What a mess!!!

    I was contacted by a customer about 10 days ago asking me to run the building of his bungalow when he returns to the UK next month.
    Met up with the guy last week, nice enough chap, he showed me the footings there currently putting in on his house, what a bloody mess, he then took me into what is meant to be the show house next to his plot, absoultly filthy & a total mess, bad workmanship, bad finishing, warped doors, just a disaster in my eyes.
    I was even more amased when the guy turned around to me & said if my place turned out like this I'll be very happy, he said what more can you expect for 3.5 million baht.
    As he is paying in monthly instalments & these payments also include purchasing the land, if the shit hits the fan the builder/developer really wont give a shit, as the farang doesn't even own the land & won't have a leg to stand on.
    I asked the guy if he had a contract, but he said it was all in Thai & they wouldn't give him one in English, although I guess he could get in translated, I said does the contract state what is going to be included in the house, but his wife who is Thai & spoke fairly good English said it only talks about the land plot, price & payments, although it did mention that 2 extra options they wanted were going to be extra & the costs of these?

    I really can't understand why some people walk into something like this with really no idea.
    I agreed to oversee the job starting next month, but thinking about it over the last week, I'm not going to bother, It just waiting for a disaster to happen & the builder/developer is not going to take a blind bit of notice of me, why should he?

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    Probably best to turn that one down, you wont have any control over the job and in the end be blamed for all the snaggings, plus if its as bad as the show house it aint a job you would want to tell future customers about.

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    yeah I am looking to buty a house here rather than build one myself. Have seen nothing but rubbish at upto 4 million baht!
    The pitfalls are not always obvious---an estate of houses with many occupiers but drainage incomplete due to a dispute between the owner of the land surrounding the site-raw sewage being disharged above ground in the adjacent fields.

    Houses being offered for sale with no rightss of access

    Roofing plumbing and electrics etc that are a total joke

    What about the below ground problems that are now al covered up????

    i am thinking more and more that I have no choice other than to build my own

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    pics please!

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