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    Q Block In Construction

    If we use Q-con airated concrete block ( Hebal in Ausdtralia ) as a dividing wall in the units we plan to build, is one thickness enough as a sound deadener.
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    Hebel sold here by Q Con and Supeblock deadens sound partly due to its aerated structure also you can use thicker walls for same weight loading.I used 20cm thickness mainly for coolness but additional sound and fireproofing an added if you need more data.In case you have never used it rememeber on a retro- fit there is virtally zero mortar thickness as you use a liquid "glue" solution .This meant on 2.8m wall the top was at 2.81 whereas using mortar and 3 inch bricks I'd be 16% higher.Good luck
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    we have used 10cm blocks for our walls in the apartments - easily enough for sound proofing

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