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    Inner Wrongholia

    Borax where to buy C Mai or BKK

    The pharmacy said a Hospital the hospital said Buiding shop
    my thai may be the problem though the first Dr understood the chemical .I
    Only need a pound or half liter/Quart can be stale and I can collect ,
    I use it with tempera on sculptures can obtain from China but delay and aggro of givin unknown Alibabas visa details long drive to P Offices etc

    Any addresses phone numbers
    Ive tried HomeMart HomePro Boots Index Zen, no go and well stocked Nan pharmacy

    The chemist said no need for any prescrition o licecnec ts over the counter product
    I used to have a job at a calendar factory.
    I got the sack because
    I took a couple of days off.

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    rawai phuket
    You can buy it in the local hardware store here in Phuket.So I would try one up there

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    I looked around Chiang Mai and my pharmacy told me where to get the chemical version

    see the thread on "Ants" and getting rid of them

    directions: go up the Suthep road past the Suan Dok hospital (on the right)

    further on the left, after a temple (Wat Suan Dok?), there are several rows of shophouses; next to the telephone booth there is a shophouse selling packs of all sorts of chemicals, they will sell you a kilo for about B80

    a little bit further there is a shop that sells much bigger quantities (I went there first having missed the other one)
    I have reported your post

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    mostly Nonthaburi
    A different but related problem, I wanted some sodium nitrate (to make bacon), it turns out the Thai name for this is also the Thai name for gunpowder, I was viewed with suspicion when I asked around.

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    The Thai Name for the Sodium Nitrate/Nitrite family is "Dinprasiw".
    Put ดินประสิว into google translate and it comes up as Saltpeter and not gunpowder
    Hope that helps

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