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    Zapping the ASK.Com Virus

    The scumbags who run search engine are happy to have their malicious software piggybacked on other programs and downloaded without your consent. I just spent a few hours cleaning it out after downloading uTorrent and having virus garbage hijack my browser. will install itself as your home page and will hijack all other search engines. Re-installing Google or otherwise as your home page is a first step, but will not solve the problem.

    Getting rid of virus isn't straight forward.

    1.Go to control panel - Add/Remove Programs - Uninstall ASK.exe

    Because it has changed all your browser settings you now have to get imaginative. The following is from a firefox forum.

    latest Firefox update brings up for any search • mozillaZine Forums

    Next we opened a new browser window, and into the address bar we typed, “about:config”
    In short, once the list was brought up, we searched for anything with ASK [that refered to the site] or, removed it [modify] AND replaced it with Google.

    Problem solved!

    Upon opening the list, you’ll see: Preference Name, Status, Type and Value.
    Under “Preference Name”, search for: Keyword.URL
    Under “Value” it will say, ... t=&gc=1&q=
    Change that by right clicking on it and choosing “Modify”, and changing it to:

    Next, in the filter: type in “ask” and look for anything that says to bring up a smaller, more refined list.

    Under “Preference Name” look for “extensions.snipit.chromeURL”.
    It will show: ... t=&gc=1&q={sear...

    Highlight it, and click “Reset”. This will erase the “Value”. Leave it blank. If it doesn’t, then click “Modify” to remove it manually, click “ok”.
    (*note, after closing your about.config window, it will be totally removed from the list)

    Next, in the filter, type in “browser” and under the “Preference Name” look for:
    For the “Value”, it will show ASK, “Modify” it so it says: Google

    Then under “Preference Name” find: “” and “Modify” it from ASK to Google

    Finally, find: “” and “Modify” it from ASK to Google
    That's it apart from saying that the authors/owners of are scum who should be buried alive in horse manure.

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    Shall have to download it, it would make a good base for the all new teakdoor virus

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    When installing utorrent it specifically prompts you with an option to install it. If it was installed on your computer, then you gave consent. However, glad to know I haven't missed anything by not installing.

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    Install a proper OS and you'll never be annoyed again by viruses or other malicious programs. If you don't play on your computer you should get rid of Windows (any version).

    Note about viruses against virii:
    Usage notes
    The plural virii, though common, is generally considered to be incorrect, and based on a misunderstanding of Latin. There is no plural for the Latin word virus; using the native English pluralisation rules, to yield viruses, would arguably then be most correct.

    virii - Wiktionary

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    I have good anti spyware and anti virus software I brought on my laptop from the USA. They have a service asking subscribers to report new viruses. I asked them a while back about the and they sent me a long and polite response which told me it is not considered a virus because its installation is done by consent. It really is a pain in the ass, and while I disagreed with them, I did not pursue it further. E-mailing the company that makes your virus protection software and complaining about this malicious program is probably the best way to get rid of itl

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    Never mind, a minor annoyance in the road to stealing copyrighted content

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