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    Some sensible advice.

    I am wondering if that PC guru bloke Baldrick is still posting on here?

    I need some advice.

    I have a Core i5 750 that has been clocked at 3.8 GHZ and running fine for months - I Use the Coolermaster Hypercooler 212 and it keeps the thing running about 70- 75C running prime 95 and Intelburn.

    However, today I picked up a new IEEE1394 Firewire PCI Card, and immediately got BSOD...withinn seconds.

    I dropped the clock speeds to 3.5 GHZ, but it still died a death.

    I removed the card and retried my original OC, but cannot get above 3.6 GHZ, despite pumping the processor to 1.35V

    I have tried various settings, 21X180, 19 x 190 but this thing is dying like a dead duck.

    Any ideas where I am going wrong or has this damn card (removed already) fucked my MB?

    It seems stable tonight at X19, 185.6, 1.32 Vtt, and 1600 MHz. Ram at about 1500 or thereabouts.....why won't it clock back to 3.8GHz?

    It is an Asus P7P55D LE,

    IMC is at 1.2V
    VTTT 1.32
    CPU PLL 1.9
    PCH 1.05
    RAM is a weird one, they say 1.65V but my MB only allows 1.6 or 1.7, there is no half volt steps.
    DRAM is on Auto Volts,
    All Speedstep etc. is disabled.
    C1E Prefetch disabled,
    Load Line Calibration enabled...weird because with these settings before I got 4.2 GHz, but not stable, 3.8 ran like a dream, now I cannot get above 3.6!

    I op-ened it up and have de "fluffed" it and it is sparkling, so dust is not an issue!
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