Need something to do and earn some money doing it or your looking for a new business opportunity in Thailand with small overheads to start with… Why not be a partner / agent for tickettothemoonthailand We have the products with many sales opportunities - 16 unique products for retailing.

Getting Started

Ticket to the moon will help establish your first customers for you in your own territory and supply them with brochures for their guestrooms / lobby or reception areas, stocked or un-stocked depending on the commission structure they wish too proceed with. It means that you can start GENERATING INCOME literally from day one and by looking after your customer needs, you can expect repeat business on a daily /weekly basis throughout the year. Ticket to the moon is a manufacturer of quality leisure goods aimed at the tourist and home markets. TTTM has many sales and marketing angles with its portfolio of products thus helping the brand grow and increased demand for its products.

A Growing Business

We will also provide you with training / documentation and additional online support with sales practices so that you can meet new customer demands without further expenditure other then too replenish your stock. You can then expand your business at your pace

Who Is Your Customer

Every size and type of person / business or organization is a potential customer and many sales channels to adapt around your business plans such as Resorts / Hotels / Guesthouse’s / Markets / Shops / Leisure companies / Shopping Malls / Online / EBay / Amazon / Forums / Corporate / Database Mail shots plus many more ideas for marketing Ticket to the moon products.

Interested please email us for further details with your experience in sales / marketing if any...

Please note: We dont supply work permits for this role!

Best Regards

Ticket To The Moon "Thailand"
For Dreamers Worldwide

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