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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Sawyer View Post
    The new (economy) seats are only an issue on long-haul..
    Look to me like the seats in the Airasia planes for the KL to Gold Coast run?
    I found I couldn't get comfortable no matter how I tried , big enough but the lack of a recliner was a real bummer. The seat cushion moves forward but just seems to jam your feet up under your chin somehow.

    If you want small seats fly Malaysian , I'm 110 kilos , big enough but plenty bigger than me - Malaysia had to get seat belt extensions for myself and 3 others before we could buckle up.
    Needed a shoe horn to prise me out of the seat when we landed in Kl - at the magnificent International Terminal, not that poxy LCC terminal Airasia use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thehighlander959 View Post
    I flew from Bangkok to Hong Kong recently with my wife to do some shopping. The flight was with Hong Kong,s national carrier which is Cathay Pacific.

    On the outbound leg BKK-HKG we had a very new aircraft Boeing 777-200LR (Long Range) nice seating and very comfortable.
    I did find however that the food standard has gone down with Cathay Pacific as compared to previous flights. There is less chance of a choice, this depends where you are sitting in the cabin ultimately.

    On the flight back the service was very poor it was an old Airbus A330-200. There was no choice of food it was take it or leave it my wife and I were not impressed as we paid premium prices for the service.

    They are going through some changes at Cathay Pacific the big problem they have is integrating Dragonair the Chinese Airline they bought into their flight systems.
    This includes Dragonair and Cathay Pacific staff being able to operate on each others flights.

    Dragonair was a Chinese high density commuter airline. Cathay Pacific are following a lot of their procedures now and it seems to me that Cathay might be moving closer to the low service carrier routes with premium airline costs.
    Like all other airlines Cathay had to save money. All their aircrafts have PTV, on the last ones you even have VDO on demand and an individual plug to charge your laptop (in Economy !) but the food is crap, that's true, and unfortunately getting worse. Service it depends, never really bad but sometime not so good. On TG the food is slightly better and service usually better (more friendly) but not TV and no magazine and the aircraft are really old ! Best experience so far is Emirate's business class. Better seats, better service, better food ... and cheap !

    Regarding Dragonair and Cathay Pacific staff being able to operate on each others flights, that's not true. Only code sharing.
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    According to the Crew Chief on my flight back from Hong Kong, she stated that all Draoolgonair crew would rotate through the CPA Training School..
    Why would they rotate through CPA,s training school if they were not looking at airline inter-operability.

    I still think that Singapore Airlines sets the bench mark for in flight service. Although I have 375,000 air miles with Emirates Airlines which I would rather use, especially their Business Class.
    I flew back to the UK on the 10th March 2010 EK419 BKK to DXB a good flight in Business but not exceptional by any means.
    However I was upgraded on the EK001 A380 to LHR, now that is flying a superb flight at 44000ft First Class service and a shower and brush up prior to landing in London. The bar helps a lot to when you meet other passengers.

    Its the only way to go, wish I could afford it all the time.
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    Cathey always gets my vote.
    Never had a bad time with them and there are 2 main things that make stopping off in Hong Kong for a couple of hours not so bad.
    Firstly they have smoking rooms every 7.94 metres from the last one.
    Secondly. You can purchase Schweepes cream soda from the shops.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bogon View Post
    Cathey always gets my vote.
    Never had a bad time with them and there are 2 main things that make stopping off in Hong Kong for a couple of hours not so bad.
    Firstly they have smoking rooms every 7.94 metres from the last one.
    Yes thats true. Much better organisation, than swampy, from a smokers point of view.

    Tbh, I cant wait to get back to there. I really enjoyed HK, and its far better than Thailand in every aspect as far as im concerned. Thank Buddha my only connection with that cesspool called Thailand, is my wife. In fact, I liked the place that much, that I would consider relocating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by astasinim View Post
    I was suffering terrible jet lag, so was having a smoke outside on a couple of nights, and was propositioned on three separate occasions. "Would you like a massage in your room" or "Are you looking for some laddies" by one pimp. Obviously I declined being a gentleman. Plus I dont think Mrs Ast would have been impressed.
    Always best to decline the laddies, now ladies on the other hand......

    Always wanted to go to Hong Kong, mainly for the gadget shopping but now Ive seen that Bruce Lee statue I'll have to try and get my photo taken next to it.

    Nice pics, about time some decent threads started popping up again.
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