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    Hillside 4 - Huay Kaew Road Chiang Mai

    This condo is situated on the 14th floor - 164.2sqm. Easterly aspect - Central side. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, storeroom, 3 A/C, fully furnished.
    The complex has underground parking, restaurants, gymnasium, swimming pool, convenience store, lawyer, furniture, laundry, UOB Bank opposite, near Kad Suan Kaew & Maya shopping, near RAM hospital, Airport Plaza (10 mins), Immigration office (10 mins), airport (15 mins), Monthly body corporate fee = B4100.
    We have been here since 2005 (2548BE) - we are moving "up-country".
    PRICE: B6.4m (transfer fees/taxes 50/50)

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    OK, Guys & Gals
    Care to make an inspection; then an offer - a sensible offer?
    My information re condo prices in CNX -
    New - B50k/sqm
    Average - B38600/sqm
    Low end - B25k/sqm

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    Guys & Gals!
    Care to inspect? Evaluate? Make an offer? A sensible offer!
    My research of condo prices in CNX -
    New - B50k/sqm
    Average - B38.6k/sqm
    Low end - B25/sqm

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