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    Want to be a business owner in Chiang Mai

    I had been in Chiangmai over a year doing a guest house business. Now I want to leave business because I have work to do in Rayong. These two provinces are too far away from each other, so I need to choose only one.

    Actually I would like to sell, but for a long lease of 5 years is also okay. Key money 400,000 baht. OR
    If you would prefer not to get a bank loan, a down payment of 400,000 baht can be made to the owner, and then subsequent payments of (at least) 45,000 baht a month.

    The contract will be extant for one year or until you can get a bank loan. Once the amount is paid in full, then the property can be officially transferred at the real estate bureau.

    For more details, please contact Rada at or see picjs on www dot mythaiutopia dot wordpress dot com

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    Can anyone decipher the above post as I have read it several times and still am clueless as to just what she is offering to sell ?
    400,000 key money then 45,000 a month for what ?
    Has to rate as the worst for sale posting I think I have ever read
    Treat everyone as a complete and utter idiot and you can only ever be pleasantly surprised !

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