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    Where to buy a tv in cm?

    As I just er, "lost" my tv I need a new one. Apart from being totally confused by the array available I would like to know if anyone knows the best place to buy them in Chiang Mai? Seems the best place so far has been "the power" in home pro.
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    Is that the same as Power Buy? They had the best deals last time I looked.

    Added: I see what you mean now; Power Buy is on the ground floor at (I think) Big C.
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    I buy a lot of my electricals etc at SiamTV, on the outer moat road

    they are quite good at after sales service

    I also bought a TV at Central Khad San Gao, cheap offer

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    You may look at Makro Big C and Lotus promotins online They will generally be big name brands models about to be phased out Bear in mind most modern sets allow PC plug in via USB You may wait a while until 3D HiDef gets more affordable JVC set I bought for $1000 a couple of years can be had for half that today Other stores inc Sinthanee and one in Airport Plaza sorry forgot the name but adjacent to all the computer stuff.You can get crap at Makro for 1000 baht fr the guest room up to nearly 100k for Home Theatre type set up
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