Friday, 13 September 2010
3rd to 15th September, 2010 Rajamangala university of Technology lanna Chianmai invites you to a24th to 26th November, 2006 Royal Brighton Yacht Club Auxiliary Committee invites you to a spectacular Art Exhibition and Cocktail Party in the Chiangmai university art center on Friday,3rd 2010 at 5-00 p.m. to 6-30 p.m.
Art Exhibition of Teachers Surasit with his pupils. have sourced eminent artists who will provide an excellent range of suitable paintings which may be purchased on the evening or during the exhibition.
Join us and the excellent exhibition provided by the following artists and sculptors who will display their works are
Surasit Sawakong,Prosong Luemuang,Thongchai Srisukhprasert,Alongkon Lohwattana,Songdech Tiptong,Pronchai Jaima,Anan Rachawanging,Panthong Changjan,Likit Nisetanakarn,Surathin Tatana,Suwan Lamom etc.

Free Price!! including Exhibition Entry and Cocktail cuisine and drinks

Bring your friends and colleagues to this event