From today's Post:
About half of the 169 sea turtle eggs being nurtured at Chiang Mai Zoo aquarium have hatched -- the first time these endangered marine animals have been hatched in a mountainous area, the zoo’s director Niphon Wichairat said on Tuesday.
The eggs are part of a turtle festival at the aquarium organised under a cooperation programme between Chiang Mai Zoo and the navy’s Sea Turtle Conservation Centre. Numerous species are featured as part of the festival.
“The remaining eggs are expected to hatch within the next few days. The conservation centre will nourish the newly hatched turtles for five to six months before releasing them to the open sea,” Mr Niphon said.
The cooler weather in Chiang Mai compared to the climate at sea level meant more male turtles were hatched than the females, and this was good for the conservation of the species, he said.
The turtle festival was arranged to raise awareness of the plight of the endangered shelled animal and to encourage people to get involved in conservation efforts.
Er.... sea turtles return to their place of hatching to breed, don't they? Could be a tough ask.