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    Quote Originally Posted by misskit View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Begbie
    replacement issued at the Chiang Mai consulate
    I've had a replacement and a renewal done at the Chiang Mai consulate. They have had this service for eons. Would be surprised if there was a change.
    Yeah, Kitty - taken their services [replacements, filler pages, etc] for years as well in CM. Though, it's been a while since doing business at the US Consulate in Chiang Mai, I doubt they've changed their easier policies much compared to their messier bigger brother on Wireless Road - BKK.

    Certainly, there are service items that they don't do - but passport related items are always a better ride at CM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davis Knowlton View Post
    You lose three passports you're either selling them or too irresponsible to leave your Mum's basement.
    Perhaps true.

    His second one was robbed when he was hit over the back of the head while drinking with some locals at Roi Et bus station.

    Not sure how much he got for the first one. Probably a liter of Jim Beam.

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