Background: Very happily married to Thai wife for 25 years in NZ, one daughter (Thai citizen) who lives in Oz, wife's home village is 2 hrs' drive from CM. Have been in blue book since daughter was born - mrsjayzee also has house in Pathum Thani. Get along very well with family, and b-i-l is local kamnan.

Situation: Planning to retire to CM in 4-5 yrs time - joint decision between mrsjayzee & myself. Going to go retirement visa route, not marriage visa.

Plan: mrsjayzee to purchase house in CM 3-5m THB range (may sell PT house). She can be a frightening negotiator. Mae Rim, Doi Suket is appealing, but we have open mind. Visiting in Mar/Apr 14 for Songkran, and check out worst climate scenario! Will have about 47,000 THB/mth income in various official pensions. Can make up financial requirement with c.300,000 THB deposit, OR investment income from overseas. mrsjayzee will probably invest a proportion in Thailand - not all investment options there are shonky!

Since I have worked offshore most of my life, it would be more tax efficient to invest there - does anyone have any personal recommendations regarding this? I'm looking at the usual places such as the Channel Islands, Isle of Man etc, but ease of access and reliability can be difficult to judge without recent personal experience.