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    Lake Fishing in Chiang Mai. Recommendations?

    Hi everyone,

    I am Chiang Mai bound later this month, for a good long stay. I don't want to spend my whole life in bars and am hoping to get into some fishing.

    I'm 55 and haven't fished in years (apart from in bars!). Do you have anywhere to recommend?

    My aim, I guess, is to catch some decent fish, but principally I am looking for nice days out. Any recommendations?

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    So, what's wrong with the bars! ;-)

    It depends what you are looking for - there is a lot to choose from in the area; if you know where to look.

    To see a good list of options checkout: Fishing in Chiang Mai, Thailand - Impartial Advice from fellow anglers

    My personal favourite, by far, is Teak Tree Lake. For sure not the cheapest, but a completely different experience to any of the others. It does depend on what you are after though...

    Teak Tree is at: Teak Tree Fishing Lake - Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Enjoy whatever you choose...

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    Whaddya mean not the cheapest? Lakes should be free, that's the point!

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    Head up to Mae Ngat Dam in Mae Taeng and get an outfitter to take you fishing. You might get lucky and latch into a big snake head fish. There are some huge fish up there.

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