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    Smile Need Advise

    Hi, I need some serious advise / comments here.

    I have empty two storey house in Samkampeang District. The house completed construction last December. Since taking over the house, I had only installed air con and curtains. There are no furniture and further renovation. Reason being that I had financial constrain.

    I don't live in Thailand and will soon be relocating to Brunei for work. I am not sure what to do with the house now. Not sure whether it is good to keep the house empty (no occupant or caretaker). I will need some serious advise and comments on what is best for me to do with this house. Selling it would not be an option coz the house is very nice and I want to keep it long term for my future retirement there.


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    see if you can find someone to rent it cheap, as a house sitter

    better than leaving it empty


    to advertise it

    maybe someone here can help you, if they live in that area

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