The Gate Theater is proud to announce that its next production will be Noel Coward’s classic comedy “Blithe Spirit”, to be presented at the Studio Theatre Kad Suan Kaew on 24th, 25th 26th and 27th January 2013.

For successful author Charles Condomine and his second wife of five years Ruth life is good. The only blot in his life is the memory of his first wife, Elvira who died seven years previously, laughing too hard at the television while recovering from pneumonia.

Having cast around for a subject for his next best seller, Charles decides to write a mystery concerning a homicidal medium. In order to gather material, he invites eccentric local medium Madame Arcarti to his home and invites his friends the cynical Dr Bradman and his gullible wife to join in gently poking fun at the unsuspecting medium.

Problems arise though when the séance brings forth Elvira’s the beautiful but devious ghost. Worse still, only Charles (and the audience) can see or hear Elvira! As the play progresses, Elvira’s plans go awry and further chaos ensues, until the unlikely cause of all the problems is revealed.

A scheming ghostly wife, a suspicious second wife, an incompetent medium, Edith the accident-prone maid and a jazz loving spirit guide all combine to produce an evening of fun for everybody, all presented by a talented multi-national cast, with a script that has been gently updated to give it a more modern twist.

Tickets will be available from 1st January at the reception desk at the Kad Suan Kaew shopping centre, or by e-mailing us at