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    Phetchabun - What is this complex, HAZMAT, Aquaculture?

    Really very sorry I can't post a photo here due to low post count and I suspect few will bother to take the time to enter the coordinates into Google Earth or a mapping program, but for those that do and respond, thank you.

    The facility can be found on Google Earth at 16 degrees 21.763 minutes North and 101 degrees 11.794 minutes East.

    Anyone have an idea of the primary purpose for this facility located about 8 kilometers southeast of Petchabun? Hazardous materials disposal? Aquaculture?

    The road in and out looks like it was improved for heavy trucks or lots of traffic, the evaporative pond is lined with plastic and the metal buildings are curious.

    We're considering a nearby land purchase and would like to know if this site is gonig to be a problem. We're not in Thailand now so we can't drive in to investigate and we thought someone here might have a good idea of the possible activities going on here.

    Thanks and regards. TiKo

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    this is a dying plant , no more red or yellow - they will recolour the population - or maybe not

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldrick View Post
    If you just saw the 3 smaller ponds you would suspect that it was aquaculture.
    With what looks like thick concrete/stone walls around the big pond some doubt creeps in as to what it was or is. It could well be very harmless and something like a hang over to part of a municipal water supply etc.

    Most ponds I have seen to store some form of waste (dodgy) material have used large earthen walls for containing the contents.

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    Fish farm?

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