Muang Boran Ban Ka Rung

Uthai Thani Province

Muang Boran Ban Ka Rung is an ancient local community located in Tambon Wang Hin.
The characteristics of the city is an oval shape with an 800-metre diameter.
The city has a single ditch with a width of 20 metres and a depth of 3 metres.
The part of the ditch which is next to the roadside is deepened.
The water flows into the ditch all year and the earthen dyke is 6 metres wide.
At present, it is an office of the Highway District.

The discovered evidence includes a stone bell, Buddha image in a gesture of descending from Tavatimsa Heaven, potsherds, stone axes, ornaments, and ruins of a pagoda which is about 3 km. south from the city.

This pagoda was made of large bricks and its base is 7 metres wide. At present, in front of the Ka Rung City Ditch, there is a shrine of Chaomae Ka Rung on the side of the highway, which is respected by many people.

Muang Ka Rung was registered as a national ancient monument on 8 March, 1935.

To get there, take Highway 333, Nong Chang - Ban Rai route, passing Ban Thung Na and Khao Taphap Intersection until arriving at Ban Ka Rung.
Before getting to Amphoe Ban Rai about 10 km., Mueang Ka Rung is on the bend, where the shrine of Chaomae Ka Rung can be seen on the left, about 69 km. from the city of Uthai Thani.