Kanchanaburi Province

Dai Chong Thong Waterfall

This waterfall is located in Khao Laem National Park on Highway 323 (Thong Pha Phum-Sangkhla Buri) between Km. 32-33. Before arriving at Namtok Kroeng Krawia, you will see a sign leading to Namtok Dai Chong Thong on your left. Go ahead about 500 metres then turn right and go straight on for about 500 metres. After that, travel on foot for about 600 metres before reaching the medium-sized waterfall flowing to the Mae Klong Dam with fertile green forest which looks very attractive, especially in the rainy season.

Takhian Thong Waterfall

Takhian Thong Waterfall (Namtok Takhian Thong)
The waterfall is in the area of Tanao Si Mountains, the Thai-Burmese border area in Amphoe Sangkhla Buri, a part of Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary. Its water source is from Myanmar flowing along the boundary mountains leading to Thailand at Huai Song Ka Lia.Due to the completeness of the forest, water flows all year round. It takes 30 minutes to get to the first level of the waterfall with a smooth route covered with bamboo, rattan, ferns and various kinds of large trees. Sometimes, it is better to take a shortcut passing along the stream. Tourists can experience the different beauty of cascades where water flows from many directions and disperses to the basin or the wide ground. To get there, take Highway 323, go straight on for 4 km. until you get to Amphoe Sangkhla Buri. Pass the intersection on the right leading to the Three Pagodas Pass then take the route Sangkhla Buri-Three Pagodas Pass until Km. 12-13 where you will see a sign, and the waterfall is on your right. Turn into the intersection on the laterite road for 9 km. to the car park. After that, go on foot for about 30 minutes to the first level of the waterfall at the Safeguard Unit.It is recommended that you ask for further details from officials. To stay overnight, a letter to ask for permission must be submitted 15 days in advance to the Director of the Wildlife Conservation Office at the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department, Bangkhen, Bangkok or Tel. 0 2561 4292-3 ext. 765.

Kroeng Krawia Waterfall

Kroeng Krawia Waterfall (Namtok Kroeng Krawia)
This roadside waterfall, 32 kilometres north of Thong Pha Phum, is often visited by passers-by. The water cascades down a limestone rock face under shady trees. It is most beautiful during the rainy season.

Pha Suwan Waterfall

Pha Suwan Waterfall (Namtok Pha Suwan)
A large and breathtakingly beautiful 7-tiered waterfall located in deep jungle some 155 km. from Kanchanaburi. It is accessible by a 40-minute walk. The topmost tier is approximately 80 metres high. The waterfall is most beautiful during July – January. To get there, take Highway 323 (Kanchanaburi – Thong Pha Phum), turn at Km. 110 via Ban Sahakon Nikhom for 15 km. and turn right into a dirt road for another 13 km. It is also accessible by a 40-minute walk from Namtok Pha Tat, or from Namtok Huai Mae Khamin, drive pass Noen Sawan Mine and Ban Saphan Lao for a distance of 42 km. and turn left for 13 km. at the junction near the reforestation project area to the parking lot. Another 40-minute walk will lead to the waterfall. A four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended for the rainy season.

Pha Tat Waterfall

Pha Tat Waterfall (Namtok Pha Tat)
A large waterfall within the area of Khuean Srinagarindra National Park located 140 km. from Kanchanaburi. The picturesque
3–tiered waterfall originates from a small creek on the Kala Range. Each of its 3 tiers is wide and breathtakingly high, with a lot of water in the late rainy season. It has serene and verdant surroundings. To get there, take Highway 323 and turn between Km. 105 – 106 toward the same direction as Hin Dat Hot Spring and continue for some 10 km. further.

Thung Nang Khruan Waterfall

Thung Nang Khruan Waterfall (Namtok Thung Nang Khruan) Located approximately 190 km. from Kanchanaburi at Ban Thung Nang Khruan, Tambon Chalae, within the area of Khuean Srinagarindra Dam. It is a large 7-tiered limestone waterfall amid verdant and shady intact natural surroundings. There is water all year round which cascades down high cliffs, some of which are more than 35 metres high. To get there, take Highway 323 (Thong Pha Phum – Sangkhla Buri), turn right at Km. 26 (noticing the white Buddha image at the intersection) and continue for 15 km. along the alternate asphalt and laterite road to Ban Thung Nang Khruan, turn for 3 km. into the entrance to the waterfall. A walk for another 1 km. or 30 minutes will lead to the 1st tier of the waterfall. A four-wheel drive vehicle or pick up truck and local guide will be needed.

Huai Mae Khamin Waterfall

Huai Mae Khamin Waterfall (Namtok Huai Mae Khamin) A major attraction in Sri Nakarin National Park is this lovely seven-tiered waterfall, which is conveniently accessible by foot via a trial near the parks headquarters. The reservoir is well known for its scenic beauty. Trekking through forests and bamboo groves offers unrivaled opportunities to admire a rich variety of butterflies and bird species.Bungalow accommodations are available; however, visitors are advised to bring their own food as there are food outlets available.