Ang Thong

Drum-Making Village

Is located in Tambon Ekkarat, behind Pa Mok market on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River.

Take the inner road passing Amphoe Pa Mok Municipality Office running parallel to the irrigation canal for approximately 17 kilometers.

From time to time, drum shops can be found on both sides of the road.

People of Ban Phae have begun producing drums since 1927 after the harvesting season.

The raw materials used are cowhide and rain tree wood because its texture is soft and able to be carved easily. Here you can observe drum-making procedures starting from lathing wood, laying cowhide sheet, and embedding pins.

You can find sophisticated and magnificent drums here in various sizes which are great for souvenirs.

If you go passing the Tambon chief's (Hongfah Yodyoi) house, you will find the largest drum in the world of 3692 cm wide and 7.6 meters long, made of 6 pieces of connecting Albizzia lebbek.

It was built in 1994 and took about one year to complete.