Uthai Thani Province

Khao Plara

Khao Plara is a border between Ban Huai Sok in Amphoe Lan Sak and Tambon Khao Bang Kraek in Amphoe Nong Chang. Khao Plara is a large steep mountain with a height of approximately 598 metres. The forest is quite unspoilt. Visitors have to travel by foot and climb up the mountain for 900 metres, taking about 2 hours to get to the top of the mountain, where they can admire the beautiful sight of its topography. On the top of the mountain, a large plain lies covered with Makha – Afzelia xylocarpa - forest.

On the west cliff at the height of 320 metres, approximately 3,000 year-old cave paintings from the pre-historical period were found. They were drawn with black and red lines. The black lines are quite pale but the red ones can still be seen. The paintings were drawn along the cliff for a total distance of about 9 metres, and they are mostly painted red. There are groups of about 40 pictures including pictures of humans in many characteristics and animal pictures. Those pictures depict the way of life of ancient humans, which is important historical heritage of Uthai Thani.

Archaeologists divided the groups of paintings on Khao Plara into 4 groups. Group one are pictures of humans with pets (believed to be dogs). Group two are pictures which show the relationship between human and cow, catching the wild cow and the way to bring it back to take care of it. Group three are pictures of rituals. Humans in the pictures had certain accessories, different from others with animals that look like monkeys. Group four includes miscellaneous pictures, most of which are pictures of animals. The coloured paintings were elaborately made and look more life-like than other places. For travellers who would like to climb up Khao Plara: it is suggested that they should prepare drinking water, and put on suitable trainers because the path is made of sliding small grains of rocks. It is recommended that they should carry only necessary things.

To get there, take Highway 333 from the city, passing Amphoe Nong Chang. Then, take Highway 3438, Nong Chang - Lan Sak route for about 21.5 km. Khao Plara is on the left. Turn left along an asphalted road for about 7.5 km. Otherwise, take a bus (Uthai Thani – Lan Sak) then, take a bus from Lan Sak to Huai Sok Intersection and hire a motorcycle to the Khao Plara Non-hunting Area.