Thongchai Guesthouse in Ayutthaya is on the Maharaj Road is pretty good value for money, off road parking and very quiet with prices starting from 200baht per night.
The towels here are better than the towels I have at home no I didn't nick any of them, get a free bar of soap but no toilet paper, but hell it does have a bum gun, the furniture was teak wood which was quite a suprise, bathroom was cold water but it must come from a tank that is in the sun as it was quite warm, they also have a couple of small bungalows for rent but no idea how much they are.
The aircon rooms are 400baht per night but this time of year who uses aircon.
You also get a free bottle of cold water which really isn't that useful as the rooms don't have fridges, all in all really good value and a great place at the prices it charges.
I forgot to mention that the fan rooms don't have a sink.

The reception, they also sell beer here.

One of the bungalows.

The shagging platform.

The Throne.

ThongChai GuestHouse, Address, 9/6 Moo1 Maharaj Road, Phone; 035 245210