Home of Nature and the Beauty of Life.

Khaokho Talaypu is a step in the journey of life, but a trace upon the land. It is an attempt to create, to develop the environment, society, and self. Deteriorated land has been revived, restored to lush green growth,creating a pure and beautiful environment sheltering all forms of life and fitting to be called home of nature.

Khaokho Talaypu engages in creative activities pervaded with an atmosphere of loving care and concern; it is a shared dream of living a life of value. All of this together creates the beauty of life.

Khaokho Talaypu is located at 137 Village Number Five, Tambon Thoong Samoh, Khaokho District, Phetchaboon Province 67270. Tel.0 56750061-2 fax 0 56750063
E-mail: talaypu[at]khaokhonaturalfarm.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

It is on the main road of Khaokho District, the Campson-Sadao Phong Road. Its area is 200 rais and includes both hilly and level land watered by two streams. Nearly 3,000 feet above sea level, it is cool the year round; the average temperature is 17oC. Nearby there are communities of both lowland and highland Thais.

The forest is fundamental to an environment that is good in accordance with the laws of nature. Earth, water, and sky give birth to all life. Plants and animals are a reflection of the great workings of nature. Human beings are merely tenants living in nature, not its lords. Living close to nature fosters not only health of the body but also development of the mind.

Because over seventy percent of its area is forest and another fifteen percent is water, Khaokho Talaypu is suited to relaxation, to study of ecology, plants, mushrooms, birds, spiders, and insects, including butterflies and moths, dragonflies, and lightning bugs, and for other creative activities.

The forest of Khaokho Talaypu also provides benefits in the form of food, medicine, and useful and decorative objects