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    health insurance

    here's the crack...
    I'm in the Merchant Navy, work 2 weeks in the UK and registred as living there with M+D, and spend my 2 weeks off in BKK, I don't think I qualify for travel insurance as I'm not on holiday and living in an appartment, but don't qualify with my TGF's health insurance as I don't work here or have an ex-pat visa. Tried an ex-pat insurance comp. and they quoted me 30,000B annually which seems a bit steep with a $500 excess, and for the basic cover. Any other ideas? answers much appreciated before I get run over...

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    Try Bupa....

    Welcome to BUPA Thailand

    Or MSIG

    MSIG Asia

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    Try E-Insure Thailand, and look at WH3000 policy. We have a Group membership through this company, open to all which reduces these costs to 9000 per year regardless of age. Good saving as I am 46.
    You don't need to be resident, work permit etc - just have a thai address.

    PM if any questions.

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