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paedophile central, enjoy.
Not anymore. Only place where I have been approached by underage girls was in Phnom Penh, area where foreigners happen to live (BKK2). So before accusing poor Cambodian girls, perhaps you should take a look at the demand side - overpaid NGO's in black Lexuses. Or is this too close to home?
P/Phen's now an overpriced bus stop on my way to Kampot, a lovely wee town that's now turning ugly because of the rip off farang entrepreneurs.

Prices for food have doubled in 2 years, and accommodations still on bargain levels if you avoid the farang run/owned places....so called resorts that are no more than cheaply built waterproof shacks in the middle of rice-fields accessed by the most pot-holed roads in Asia,....and the toilets....well say no more,....just don't flush them too often or they'll spill out over yer bathroom floor.

Girls were easily available, massage shops and casual pick-ups,.... and yup, the inevitable clique of fat older farang congregating at selected venues (bars, cafes) waiting for other more established farang to turn up with their Khmer lady and a bevy of oh-so-pretty little girls spoilt shitless with goodies, who all waltz over to their "uncles" for a touch up and a lemonade....yes....exactly that,..then off they all go in their SUVs.

Seen on a regular basis in Kampot.

Not healthy to take too much notice of all that, or react in indignation, ya might end up with a severe case of lead poisoning in a single dose,...

Scammers all over the place now. it's fast turning into Snooky#2, a snake pit.

Farang beware, enjoy the place,...a wee bit better than Bournemouth, if ya keep away from them farang rip-off cliquy little bars,...and their petty turf wars.

Short spells there,...cool.