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    Anlong Veng

    I'm planning a visa run from Thailand through Chom-Chom Sa Ngam border crossing to Camby North. One town I'd like to know more about is Anlong Veng. Anybody who's been there have any general info you could share with me about it? Helpful stuff I should know or suggestions. I know there are a bunch of Khmer Rouge sites north of Anlong Veng; not much interested in those.
    Nong Bua Lamphu countryside, Isaan

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    It is a small town and not much to do, other than the KR stuff. There are 5/6 guest houses in town, mostly dotted close to the market/roundabout. I think it is 20km from the border, but my memory is a little hazy on that (I cycled and it was hot and I had just come from Sisaket). The ride is on a good sealed road, the border actually stands in the mountains, so there is a downhill stretch at the start before you hit the plain. There is a casino at the border, and one being constructed (it may be finished now).

    The KR stuff is actually quite interesting. Pol Pot's cremation, execution and trial site are within a couple of hundred meters of the border (the casino actually overlooks it, some weird kinda poetic justice...), his and Ta Mok's (one of many) are closish to the border - Ta Mok's villa had a stunning view over the town and plains of Anglong Veng.

    Pol Pot's house is a little difficult to find. It is in a heavily mined area (go figure) and there are a number of folks up to no good in the area. If you go, take a guide from town. Although I did get lost with my guide, we found it eventually. You will be glad to know that my guide then took a piss on Pol's villa, not quite making up for the horrors he bestowed on the country, but certainly good to see.

    The town of AV is actually just a stopping point, the night is quiet and you will not find much to do. Preah Vihear is too far away to make it doable in a day. War and the fallout from the KR are the main draws, there is a national park close by, but I didn't visit.

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    I hope it goes well, sadly the issuance of visas at Thai embassies is hit or miss like so many things and depends on who you get. I tried to do a visa run in Japan back when I was doing visa runs, and the jerk-off at the Thai Embassy told me the Tokyo Embassy was for Thais and Japanese only (doubtful that's an official policy). Give a complete nothing a little power and you create a monster.
    Just have alternate plans in case you run into a similar jackass at the embassy there.

    Good luck and have a nice trip.

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    the thai emabssy in PP will issue u a single entry tourist visa with no troubles BUT it takes 3 days ) or u can pay more an go thru an agent an have it back in 1,2 days)
    don't try for non immigrant visas thou.

    I have been just about everywhere else up north but never went to AV as not interested in seeing nothing in another dirty Cambodian village

    Preah Vihear is worth the trip thou!!!
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