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    SET index drops 20.80 points

    Bangkok Post : SET index drops 20.80 points

    SET index drops 20.80 points

    The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) composite index went down 20.80 points or 2.14% to close at 949.09 points at the end of trading session on Thursday Afternoon. The trade value was 32.61 billion baht.

    The SET50 index ended at 655.86 points, down 16.33 points or 2.43%, with a total trade value of 25.95 billion baht.

    The SET100 index fell 34.51 points or 2.35% to stand at 1,436.13 points, with a total turnover of 28.26 billion baht.

    The MAI index went down 2.59 points or 0.97% to close at 264.29 points, with total transaction value of 115.76 million baht.

    Top five most active values were as follows;

    BANPU closed at 694.00 baht down 28.00 baht (3.88%)

    PTT closed at 320.00 baht, down 10.00 baht (3.03%)

    PTTEP closed at 164.00 baht, down 8.00 baht (4.65%)

    KBANK closed at 103.50 baht, down 4.50 baht (4.17%)

    TMB closed at 2.22 baht, up 0.06 baht (2.78%)
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    C'mon Banpu. You need to be over 800

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    INTERESTING where do you trade the set

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    Thai stocks jumped 1.61% to a 15-year high yesterday as investors raised their positions in anticipation of strong first-quarter earnings.

    The Stock Exchange of Thailand index closed at 1,064.35 points, up 16.87 points, in heavy trade worth 48.33 billion baht. Energy stocks rose 1.8%, banks 3.02% and petrochemicals 2.92%.

    Bangkok Post : SET reaches 15-year high

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mid View Post
    Energy stocks rose 1.8%, banks 3.02% and petrochemicals 2.92%.
    I am sure that ordinary Thai's benefit greatly by these industries making more profit.

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