Hoteliers want tourism bank

The tourism business operators are planning to propose to the government that a “tourism bank” be set up to help resolve their liquidity shortage problem, Sakkarin Chorsawai, director of Thai Hotels Association said on Saturday.

Mr Sakkarin said the tourism bank’s main task is to specially provide financial services for the tourism related industries and businesses.

“At the starting stage, the government can use about one or two per cent of its revenue from tourism taxes as a capital for the setting up of this special bank” he said.

No less than 100 million Thai and foreign tourists visited local tourist destinations each year and the tourism related business operators expected to post a total income of about 957 billion baht this year, according to Mr Sakkarin.

He said the idea of setting up the tourism hotel will be proposed to the association's chairman on Sep 18. If it is approved, the proposal will be forwarded to the government for consideration.