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    German firms keen on investing in Thailand

    German firms keen on investing in Thailand
    Rungkarn Rujiwarangkul

    BANGKOK, 3 AUGUST 2010 (NNT) – A number of giant enterprises from Germany such as auto makers BMW and Audi, are preparing to invest in Thailand, according to the Minister of Industry.

    Mr Chaiwuti Bannawat revealed after returning from a trip to Germany that most of the investors he met, especially those in the auto industry, were interested in setting up and expanding their production base in Thailand. The companies, including BMW, AG, Volkswagen, and Audi plan to finalize their investment projects by November this year.

    Meanwhile, Audi manufacturer is now in the process of negotiating with technical experts and automobile institutions in preparation for a plant setup in Thailand.

    Mr Chaiwuti added that the German aircraft parts manufacturer Leistritz Turbinenkomponenten Gmbh and the world’s largest tyre manufacturer Continental were also keen to start their production in Thailand. The investment capital of Leistritz alone is expected to be worth around 500 million THB.

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    'Turbinenkomponenten Gmbh' you can say that again..!

    I knew a guy that caught a dose of that..

    ..anyway their just setting up here so they can 'monger' in Pattaya with out the wife.

    Thats why Tesco is here...

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