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    Thailand : Major malls to negotiate with the UDD protestors

    Major malls to negotiate with the UDD protestors
    Dolsinee Kritayapimonporn

    BANGKOK, 15 April 2010 (NNT) Major malls in the Ratchaprasong area are prepared to negotiate with the anti-government United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship protestors after the rallies at the junction have resulted in closure of the malls and significant financial losses.

    Sources say that the management of the major luxury mall, Siam Paragon and Central World are concerned about the prolonged situation, however the management will have to be cautious about any implemented action plans as it may cause adverse effects.

    Central World department store, directly situated in front of the rally site has been closed for 12 consecutive days. Sources from Central World say that currently an operational team is set up to monitor the current situation, and is ready to take immediate action. Meanwhile, Central Chitlom will monitor the situation day-by-day as the opening days are difficult to determine beforehand.

    Currently major luxury mall Siam Paragon is monitoring the situation on a daily basis. Siam Paragon had opened on 13 April 2010, where only 30% of customers were present out of an average of more than one thousand customers per day. The major mall had to close down on 14 April 2010 at 14.00 hrs after opening in the morning as protestors have decided to converge, moving from their main rally site Phan Fah Bridge to the Ratchaprasong junction. Siam Paragon will have to evaluate to see which direction the protests will go, adding that they are hopeful the situation will subside soon.

    Sources say that for each day of closure, Siam Paragon has reported to lose an average of 70 million THB on weekends and 40 million THB on weekdays.

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    Wonder what the UDD response will be? Perhaps, talk to K. Abhisit. He has the solution.

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    Hehe, seems like the pressure is increasing, good on the UDD.

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    Should begin selling somtam.

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    let them eat the cake

    Central World can afford it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mid
    out of an average of more than one thousand customers per day.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mid
    Siam Paragon has reported to lose an average of 70 million THB on weekends and 40 million THB on weekdays.
    So from those numbers they are saying the average customer spend is 70,000B on weekends and 40,000B on weekdays? Wow!

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    The mall owners can certainly afford to wait it out, less so the stores. I guess they'll get a break on the rent but still.

    Read an interesting doom-and-gloom article in the BKK post today that I believe is pretty accurate - this is all the result of Thailand getting carved up into little fiefdoms controlled by commercial interests. Corruption at all levels means that the politicians are bought by the people with money, different fractions controlling different parts of the country, colluding, or, in some cases, fighting with each other.

    In the case of the UDD I think it's very true, and very tragic at the same time. You have the rural poor staging a huge protest, and they would be right to do so as they have been left out of Thailand's economic rise. Except, tragically, they are not standing up for themselves, but instead for yet another commercial interest group which will exploit them all the same once it has won.

    The fury of the poor doesn't come so much from their love of Taksin, but from their resentment of the rich controlling everything. Unfortunately they don't realize Taksin is just another rich guy trying to rip them off, undeserving of their efforts.

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