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    Thai exports rise for 3 consecutive months

    Thai exports rise for 3 consecutive months
    Praj Kiatpongsan
    19 Febuary 2010

    BANGKOK, 19 February 2010 (NNT) – The Commerce Ministry reported that Thailand’s export value has risen for three consecutive months with a 30.8% increase. It hoped to see a 17% growth in total value in the first quarter of 2010.

    The data showed that in January 2010, the country’s exports enjoyed a 30.8% growth with total value of 13,723 million dollars, and the exports in Baht totaled 453,422 million baht, a 26% growth. Thai import value increased 44.8%. The country’s trade surplus stood at 526 million dollars.

    The export of lucrative products has improved consistently in every item, especially agricultural products and industrial agricultural products which grew 46.2%, and industrial products which had a 27.8% increase. The main and emerging markets with high growth rates include India, Taiwan, China and Indonesia with a rate of 141.7%, 96%, 94.2% and 94% respectively.

    Commerce Minister, Porntiva Nakasai, expected that the export sector could enjoy further growth in next few months, prompting the first quarter’s total export to grow by 17%. The whole year’s export growth rate will stand at 14% with a total value of 173,800 million dollars.

    She confirmed that the 15% Dong depreciation would not adversely affect the sector since Thailand had been strong in product quality and Thai entrepreneurs had good senses of timeliness and responsibility.

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    Someone seems to be cooking the books fas as I can see,, I will believe this one day, but this ain't it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mid
    Thailand’s export value has risen for three consecutive months with a 30.8% increase
    Sounds lovely but lets not forget that if you enter a card game with 100 baht and you lose 50% you then need to gain 100% just to get back where you were to start with.

    Don't be fooled by all the seemingly decent percentages that are flying around in the economics world. Most of them mean nothing at this time.

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    ^ they do signal a recovery though, sure it's a long way to be back where it was

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