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    Stronger Thai baht expected

    Stronger Thai baht expected

    BANGKOK, 14 January 2010 (NNT) – The Thai baht currency is expected to stand at 33.5 THB per USD in the first half of 2010 and will move up continuously in the latter half, as estimated by the Standard Chartered Bank (Thai).

    Director and Head of FX Strategy of Global Research of the Standard Chartered Bank, Callum Henderson, said the direction of the baht currency in the long term was likely to appreciate further since the Thai economy had already hit rock bottom, as well as other ASEAN countries.

    The director added that the Chinese yuan movements could affect the Thai baht appreciation as well. Therefore, he forecasted that the Thai currency would appreciate to 32 THB per USD in the latter half of 2010.

    Mr Callum warned that the currency appreciation would likely give negative effects to income of exporters and the national competitiveness.

    The Thai economy relies on the national export by more than 70%.

    Regarding the US dollar direction, the director said the currency was foreseen to depreciate gradually when compared with other major currencies. Nevertheless, the US dollar would possibly strengthen in the first half of this year.

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    I got 32.4 sunday and right now at this time it is 31.74,
    Sumbitch ain,t 33.shit.

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    Has Mr Callum put inauspicious rumours and a civil war into the equation

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